Terms and Conditions of Business as of August 2019.

Contacting Jersey Print:

Kindly always email, that way all discussions are kept together and both parties have all communication(s) in writing.

I can usually get back to you in a matter of hours, joys of modern technology. 

Holidays, from time to time I need a break, I will do my best to do out of office reply to emails.

The only email address you need for all your printing needs is, sales@jerseyprint.co.uk

Term Digital.

Two types of printing and that is Digital or Litho, if quantities are small, we tend to use our laser digital or

solvent wet ink machines.

Solvent is mostly used for all outdoor printing that requires the artwork we produce to be splash proof and long lasting.

Digital is using dry powders that are Magenta, Cyan, Yellow and black.

This is mostly short term, business cards, flyers, indoor posters, letterheads and so on.


This is a layered clear film that clings to the artwork to give extra strength and durability to your printing,

this is an added extra and one we do highly recommend this product.


Our measurements are in MM (millimetres) unless otherwise stated.

Outdoor banners are cut in feet (ft).


Our hugely popular banners are hemmed/glued and then fitted with brass or plastic eyelets.

Depending on the size of the banner, these maybe delivered to you folded but in most cases they are rolled in a tube for easy storage.

For best results we only print banners 1 side and always on new PVC Banner Material.

Banners do require a good 5cm bleed as this will be folded and glued then eyelets will be fitted, if your text is right to the corners or edges then we can not take responsibility for any information or images that maybe folded and lost due to the folding and gluing process.

Our best selling banners are 3ft x 6ft or 91cm x 182cm  a template should be created with these measurements and please design in CMYK colour blends. Save as a PDF and send to us via We Transfer.

Bespoke .. Thinking outside the box.

Some clients like to challenge us, that is perfectly fine.

Die cut stickers or screen printing does take time. This is outside our everyday printing services.

This service may need templates created or artwork changed to suit our machines.

If we have to create templates .. We will charge a small fee.

This obviously is not refundable to you.

For all bespoke work, please do send artwork in print ready CMYK ..

If you don't you may run the risk of non colour match.

If colour matching doesn't work, we will ask for guidance, if you instruct us to go ahead, this will be done at your own risk.

May need to wait for 3rd parties to send us items to complete your order.

We have always said we will be as competitive as we can be in every area.

Sadly, waiting for goods to come can delay projects and this we just can not be accountable for.

The odd 1 customer their order is delayed .. but they do understand.

Sending us your artwork.

We can usually work with 90% of all files from Word, to PS, even Affinity and of course Adobe PDF.

for all large files please use We Transfer and make it clear what the job is, ex: banner 3x6ft for Peoples republic.

Resolution issues.

Abit of common sense is required, if you are after a large poster printed you wouldn't send us the artwork the size of a business card ..

Just isn't possible to print like that. That said, if there is any issue with the artwork we will do our best to email you in a timely manner to ask for confirmation to print that file or give you a chance to submit new artwork.

This we will only do once out of courtesy where as some would charge for 'file checking' services.

Due to a recent machine change we can now only accept artwork in PDF and designed in CMYK format.

If you send us work in any other format we will convert this, send you a converted  e-file and ask you to approve.

Once you approve the artwork your job is then logged and will go to print at the next available slot

If jobs go wrong.

Please always check all work when it arrives or certainly within 24hrs. After this period we deem the job is completed and you are happy.

If you are not happy, then please do email us straight away, that way we can look into the issues and see what we can do to rectify the situation.

We ask for emails in reference to issues, that way we can keep a record. We will not take any other form of instruction other than in writing and by email.

If we are at fault, we will reprint the job based on the original artwork only, if there is an issue with the artwork then that will be your issue from the start and we will not be held responsible for issues.


Just like with all things mechanical sometimes machines do breakdown or go technical ..

We can not be responsible for when orders are delayed due to machine issues.


If deadlines are tight, and not in the stated 3-5 day print window please do ask if we can accommodate the order.

This will obviously incur extra charges and can not always be guaranteed.

Please do bear in mind that we only print Monday to Friday between 7am to 4pm


We will arrange this by email, and all our prices include 1 local address.

We hand orders to you, and won't leave them unless we are instructed to do so, we do require this by email.

Deliveries will be between 10am to 3pm unless otherwise agreed.

Bank Holiday Weekends.

We all need a rest and we like to be all done by 1pm on the Friday. 

All emails and enquiries along with any outstanding jobs will be delivered on the Tuesday depending on there status. 

Quotes, Estimates and Payments.

Quotes/Estimates are only valid for 14 days from the date issued.

These are given by email, on acceptance the estimate will get converted to an invoice,

which will then need paying for straight away unless other terms are agreed by you the client and us the printers. 

If work has been carried out, we will send you an estimate for the work done so far.

If this isn't continued then we will after a certain period of time (usually two weeks) convert the estimate(s) to invoice state, payment is then required by the due date.

If you ask us to edit or prep work ready for printing then change your mind, we have the right to charge for time spent

Please follow all the details on the invoice to make the payment(s).

No printing will be done unless payment has been settled in full.

Settling with us by bank transfer -

In the reference box please add your invoice number, that way we can marry the payment against the job.

Our account details are:

Lloyds Bank, Account number 76017160, Sort Code 30-94-61


On the rare occasion mistakes do happen, if this is the case then I will always communicate with you, and reprint the item straight away.

Though this may still need drying time or time in the finishing room before it is released to you.

That said, if you have agreed for me to print and I have issues/concerns with the artwork supplied then I can not offer you a reprint or refund.

I also do not take any responsibility for missed deadlines that are out of my reasonable control.

You must address any issues with us in writing within 24hrs of receiving your order.

IF you have agreed to an email design sent by us and dispute any part of the order this must be addressed within 24hrs of receiving the order

or we will take it that you are happy with the work.

IF you then decide after some period of time to say the artwork isn't correct, we can not accept for a refund or a reprint and would be treated as a new print job.

Designing for you.

I have the software to do large scale designs that some customers just can't do.

Banners, menu's, business cards and flyers are somethings that I design on a daily bases for people.

I will meet the customer, discuss the brief, the brief can sometimes be 'alter the existing menu', add a picture and text to a big banner. In any case that is you the customer instructing me to do the job.

[Design property rights: - Please see your invoice for a breakdown (usually - design, item, fitting if required)

If work has been carried out as part of a package, or on a non-fee basis the artwork designs and any images including the fonts are the

sole ownership of Jersey Print (Simon's Printing) therefor can not be copied, altered, resized, edited, screenshot, taken from mobile device and used by a third party without written consent from myself at Jersey Print - Simon's Printing. If this is in breech, we have the right to charge a fee of £150 per design for any design that has been used without my permission]

I design on an hourly rate and will email the customer a soft proof for approval, if they ask for a hard proof then this is

chargeable at a price of £50 per design/template or layout, banners or bigger will be done just on paper and printed in colour. If the customer requires the actual material then this will be charged at the listed/estimated price.

I always advise at the briefing stage to ask for an estimate especially with large complex jobs. If ordering material in for certain jobs and I am charged 'Goods Tax' this will be charge will be added to the clients invoice.

No money is required up front, but I do watermark my work at every stage until payment has been settled in full.

Your final product will not be printed until payment has been made in full.

I have the right to be paid for any hours carried out designing on your behalf even if you decide not to go to final print stage. If communication has failed, I will have to consider removing the hard proofs as this is our property and follow all legal proceedings in debt recovery, all costs for debt recovery will be passed to the customer.

Please always pay within the stated time on the invoice, that way I can carry on keeping my prices low.

2019 Goods Tax rate, +5% of £240. 2020 Goods Tax rate, +5% of £140. Design rate £50 per hour.


​Save Money .. Every time

This is where potential customers email us and discount can be applied


Force Majeure.

We will not be held responsible for failure or delay in the carrying out of our obligations under the contract arising from

any cause outside our reasonable control or by inability to procure materials or articles except at higher prices due to any such cause and in such circumstances we shall be entitled by notice to terminate the contract in whole or in part without incurring any liability whatsoever to you.

Social Media.

Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and any other platform

We have the right to run our business safely. If we find any misleading or derogatory information about the business

and/or staff Legal action will be taken without warning